Tuesday, January 10, 2006

James Frey Outwitted Oprah Winfrey

The day Oprah Winfrey went ga-ga over James Frey's millions of little pieces, I happened to watch her show (I know, how can you take anyone seriously who does that?). I was stunned that she could not see 1) how angry James Frey was---not a characteristic of people who have recovered from addiction; 2) what a phony James Frey was personally (she apparently didn't watch his body language at all); and 3) what a bunch of baloney James Frey's story of addiction and recovery was. I guess you have to be an addict to know an addict. What Frey is addicted to is his "self-will run riot" and his need for attention. Friends of mine---many from recovery programs---have also been taken in by James Frey's nonsense. Very little of what he said (or what I have read of his writing) rings true.

Well, now I discover that I'm not the only one who thinks James Frey is an imposter:
Why is any of this important? It's not. Just a diversion from the nonsense of Congressional scandal, right-wing Supreme Court takeover, and the continuing fakery of the Bush administration. Actually, I suppose it's all the same. James Frey can fool even Oprah because the climate in this country is so out-to-lunch that no one knows (or cares) what reality is.