Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Even Rod Serling Is no Equal for This Twilight Zone

“I know. It's — it's an incredible story. I, of
all people, know this. And you won't believe
me. No, not at first. But I'm going to tell you
the whole thing. Then, you will believe,
because you must. You must believe.
It happened many years ago. . . .”
We have entered The Twilight Zone.
Rod Sterling has met his match.

The background:
“The mostly-attentive jury continued to listen to a witness with no name on Thursday, August 16, 2007. The Israeli official — who went by the pseudonym of ‘Avi’ — repeatedly smiled as he attempted to make one point clear: ‘Khamas,’ or Hamas, indoctrinated Palestinian children through zakat (charity) committees. . . Among the many things seized from this zakat committee are a poster of a suicide bomber, a picture of Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzook in front of the Dome of the Rock and a flyer showing a Hamas military commander. To Avi, these items proved that this committee is a Hamas group.”

“Now, the first point is you have heard a lot of foreign-sounding names. It’s understandable that you are not going to remember all of those names. You are not going to remember who those people were and what they were associated with in this trial. And I want you to know that you don’t have to worry about that. Don’t get hung up on remembering every single name that you have heard. For example, you have heard some of the leaders of the Jenin Zakat Committee and their names. Don’t bother about the names. What I want you to remember is the leaders of the Jenin Zakat Committee were HAMAS. You have heard the names of some of the speakers that the HLF brought into the United States to raise funds on behalf of the HLF. Again, don’t worry about remembering every single speaker’s name. Just remember those speakers were members and leaders of HAMAS.”
(Prosecutor’s closing argument in United States v. Holy Land Foundation, Sept. 2008).

The foreground:
“On Monday [July 07, 2008] morning Israeli army forces attacked a number of charitable institutions in the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Troops shut them down and confiscated their property. Witnesses reported that more than 40 vehicles invaded the city at 1:00 a.m. Monday and soldiers then ransacked Al Rawda mosque, some sport-clubs and charitable institutions. Moreover invading troops stormed the Islamic School for Girls, confiscated its belongings, and shut it down . . . The army claimed that those local organizations are a major source for ‘funding terror’. . . In the nearby Balata refugee camp, the Israeli army searched and ransacked a number of homes on Monday morning and kidnapped two civilians, local sources reported. Troops recently stepped up their campaign against Islamic charitable societies in the West Bank, shutting down a large number of them, confiscating their property, and searching computers and documents that detail their activities.”

The foreground is all one needs to know to understand the background. And Vice Versa. In the Occupied Palestinian Territories it IS, after all, a crime to feed children. It was in the ‘90s, and it is now. One wonders at whose trial in America “Avi” will show up next to say that some hapless United States citizen is “funding terror” by giving money to a girls’ school in the West Bank.

And then, perhaps, the prosecutors, relying on Avi’s fabricated testimony — building a case out of nothing except the supposed guilt of persons with “foreign-sounding names” and the word of this anonymous witness who was not actually present at the ransacking of any zakat committee but who asserts that “a poster of a suicide bomber, a picture of Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzook in front of the Dome of the Rock and a flyer showing a Hamas military commander” prove that committee is “funding terror” — will illegally attempt to manipulate another group of jurors into finding the United States citizen guilty.

They will illegally attempt to convince the next jury of the United States citizen’s guilt, by “includ[ing] non-admitted and demonstrative government exhibits among the exhibits given to the jury” for their consideration, knowing full well that, without the government’s “interpretation” — rather than the facts of the case — of Avi’s testimony, the jury could not possibly find the United States citizen guilty.
(See Case 3:04-cr-00240-P, Document 1081, filed 06/27/2008 in the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division).

How does one know that, without the government’s “interpretation” — rather than the facts of the case — the jury could not find a United States citizen guilty of financing a “terrorist” organization. Because it happened last summer. But the judge declared a mistrial, and five U.S. citizens will go on trial again September 8 based once again on the testimony of anonymous witnesses and the prosecution’s innuendos about foreign-sounding names.

  • And now today (July 8, 2008) another judge has ruled that the twilight zone is real. Giving the jury illegal “demonstrative exhibits” is admissable as part of this incredible story. Case not dismissed. The new jury will be for the same five Americans!

We re-enter the twilight zone with Rod Serling — except this is NOT entertainment. This is real life under a system of domestic “justice” controlled by a foreign power and promulgated by a Justice Department that has completely lost its bearings as it stumbles through a twilight zone of its own making.