Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Holy Land Foundation Trial blog and "anonymous"

Dear "Anonymous,"

As the heading here states, I will not post comments by anyone I cannot contact. As other bloggers do, I have the right to moderate comments. I have given over my blog to coverage of the Holy Land Foundation trial that presents truths found neither in the U.S. press that cowers before propaganda nor in the official pronouncements of our government that is in thrall to an interpretation of events designed to demonize and humiliate an entire people at the behest of a foreign government.

If you want to make scurrilous and irrelevant comments, make them in one of the thousands of blogs designed to perpetuate the myths surrounding the Holy Land Foundation (and all Palestinians, both immigrants in the U.S. and those living under tyranny in their homeland). There is plenty of room elsewhere for your vitriol. Anonymity in discourse is a mark of cowardice, dishonesty, and fear. We have no use for any of those.