Sunday, September 14, 2008

A dangerous post

The following is a very dangerous and foolish post. I wrote it in a completely different context. PLEASE, if you read this, keep two things in mind:

A. I am not likening anyone to the Nazis. “Nazism” and “fascism” have specific definitions that many people (including President Bush) ignore as they throw the words around without care and without, apparently, understanding the meanings. I am not likening anyone to Hitler. I do not believe such a comparison with anyone is valid, and if I did I would be EXTREMELY careful how I wrote about it.
B. While this is an indictment of my own religious institutions, I do not necessarily mean to single the church out from any other institution (religious or otherwise) in this country. All institutions in this country are guilty.

For this posting, an item number 16 belongs at the end; it would read: The prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation is possible only because of the Islamophobia I describe here.

1) The threat of "terrorism" in this country is so highly overstated that the exaggeration would be laughable if it were not a cancer destroying our nation from within.
2) The purpose of the exaggeration of the threat of terrorism is to keep the American people in a state of fear.
3) The (conscious and deliberate, not accidental) purpose of that fear is to make the American people willing to do anything to be "secure."
4) Living in that fear, the American people acquiesce in trusting the government and allowing the powerful elite to make decisions that are monolithic, tyrannical, and of benefit only to those who are in power—even though those decisions have the appearance of making the people "safe."
5) In order maintain that fear, the powerful elite must be able to point to an enemy that is the source of the evil that the people must fear in order to be brought to submission to the power elite.
6) There are two enemies that must be feared and/or hated: "illegal aliens" and so-called "Islamofascists" (so called by the President and other unprincipled "pundits").
7) Illegal aliens have no power to wreak the havoc of "terrorism" (George W. Bush has never spoken about "Latinofacscism”).
8) The distinction between hatred and fear is a difficult one. But hatred can go only so far to allowing an illegitimate government to carry out its own designs. FEAR, on the other hand, will make even the strongest citizenry docile and cooperative. Hating Jews was not enough in 1933 Germany; the people had to be taught to fear them.
9) It is necessary for the powerful to maintain fear in order to use hatred as a tool in their own determination to hold onto power.
10) Our people live with constant reminders of the necessity to fear one enemy and to hate the other.
11) The American church [PLEASE READ HERE: “ANY AMERICAN INSTITUTION”] is unable, unwilling, and too frightened itself to speak the truth of the false god of the fear of "terrorism" to the fearmongers because the church [EVERY AMERICAN INSTITUTION] is struggling to hold onto its own tiny slice of the power pie.
12) Without some voice rising up somewhere at some time to counter the hatred, and, more importantly, the fear by which our government subdues the people, our nation is lost, both as a political and a spiritual entity.
13) The American church [EVERY AMERICAN INSTITUTION] has lost its way so completely and become such a tag-along to the powerful elite that controls our national and international agenda that it has no will or means to speak truth to power.
14) That is most obvious in the church's [EVERY AMERICAN INSTITUTION’S] silence on the Islamophobia rampant in this country that is the main tool of fear that the government, the military, and the dominant corporate structures need in order to maintain fear and hatred so that they can hold onto power.
15) This is not a political problem or issue. It is spiritual.